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Similkameen Wellness is located in Princeton, British Columbia. Judy Wallace provides massage services for the Princeton community, visitors to Manning National Park, and is available for on site massage at events in the Similkameen Valley.


Whether you are seeking massage to address acute physical pain, to relieve ongoing stress and tension, or to support a healthy lifestyle, we' ll work together to bring about positive change and enhance your overall wellbeing.


Services offered include LaStone Massage, as well as restorative and preventative massage.



I have extensive experience in pre and post surgical massage, athletics and massage for chronic pain. My clientele has included elite sports professionals from Cirque De Soleil and the Edmonton Eskimos, as well as those seeking relief from trauma or from stress. 


My commitment is to work with you, to listen to your concerns and to listen to your body, and to support the restoration of health from trauma, stress or sports injury. 


My specialty is massage for the equestrian community. It's a natural extension of my personal life on a ranch with seven horses!



The following are highlights from my experience:


  • 12+ years as senior massage provider at the University of Alberta Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic

  • Contracts with Cirque du Soleil to work with performers 

  • Massage services to the Edmonton Eskimos

  • Certified LaStone worker

  • Spidertech taping available

References available upon request!

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